Fees & Qualifications

Registration Types & Fees
Your Conference Registration includes access to all Sessions, Keynote Lunch, Networking Breakfasts & Breaks, and Cocktail Reception as well as a copy of the Conference Program. Optional Networking Activities are available at an additional cost. (All fees are in U.S. Funds.)

Standard Registration:
 Conference Registration – $1,495.00
 Optional Networking Activities –  $195.00

Sponsor Registration:
Conference Registration – $1,495.00
Optional Networking Activities –  $195.00

Press Registration (See Press Pass Qualifications Below)
Conference Registration – $995.00    
Optional Networking Activities –  $195.00

Gas Buyer – Regulated Utility & End Users Only (See Qualifications Below)
(Limited to a maximum of 3 free passes per company)
Conference Registration – No Charge
Optional Networking Activity – No Charge

Energy Merchant Gas Buyer Only (See Qualifications Below)
Conference Registration – $750.00
Optional Networking Activities – $195.00

Early Bird Discounts apply to STANDARD registrations only.

Press Pass Qualifications

To qualify for a Press Pass, you must be a reporter for a Publication or News Source and attend the event with the purpose of covering the Forum in an article or story. In return for your Press Pass, we ask that you forward copies or links to the articles you write to the Director of the US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum, allowing the Forum to use the articles for additional marketing efforts. To obtain a Press Pass, please email your request and qualifications for approval and a discount code.

Gas Buyer Discounts (NEW!)

(Limited number of free passes per company)
Only Gas Buyers from Regulated Utilities and End Users qualify to register at no charge for the US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum. They will receive free attendance for the conference and optional networking activities, thanks to the generosity of the Sponsors of the Us-Mexico Natural Gas Forum. (See Qualification Schedule Below)

Additional qualification for NO CHARGE attendance:
— Your role must be as a full time gas buyer and be responsible for buying natural gas for YOUR facility’s internal consumption only – not also involved in buying/selling gas for resale to 3rd parties.
— Gas Buyers who attend at no charge are guests of the Sponsors of the US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum. If any portion of you or your company’s responsibilities put you in DIRECT COMPETITION with the Forum Sponsors, you DO NOT QUALIFY for attendance at no charge.

Operators of non-regulated merchant energy facilities that buy gas to convert to other forms of energy for re-sale for profit (e.g. merchant power generation, LNG, CNG). Full time Gas Buyers for these facilities receive a 50% discount on their conference registration fee, courtesy of the US-Mexico Forum Sponsors. The cost of the optional networking activities will be $195.00. No other discounts apply. (See Qualification Schedule below)

All other gas purchasers and company types, including but not limited to those listed below, will pay the Standard Registration fee and optional networking activity fee, and qualify for Early Bird or other promotional discounts.

Attendee Discount Qualification Schedule:

Gas Buyers – Regulated Utilities & End Users Only – Attend at No Charge
(Limited number of free passes per company)

Regulated LDCs – Gas Utilities
Regulated Municipal Gas (Muni) Utilities
Regulated Gas Co-op                                      
Full-time gas buying personnel from Regulated Utilities that distribute gas to end users (industrial, commerical, residential)
Regulated Electric Utility Full-time gas buying personnel from Regulated Utilities that buy gas to generate electricity to distribute to end users (industrial, commercial, residential)
Industrial – Process
Industrial – Heat
Full-time gas buying personnel from Entities that buy gas for their manufacturing process and/or facilities; may buy from LDC or direct

Energy Merchant Facility Operators (Gas Buyers) – Attend at a 50% Discounted Rate

Non-Regulated Power Generators (Merchant/IPP) Full-time gas buying personnel employed by non-regulated merchant energy facility operators that buy gas to generate electricity to re-sale, for profit
LNG Full-time gas buying personnel employed by non-regulated merchant LNG facility operators that buy gas to liquefy into LNG to re-sale, for profit
CNG Full-time gas buying personnel employed by non-regulated merchant CNG facility operators that buy gas to compress into CNG to re-sale, for profit

All Other – Attend at Standard Price

Gas Marketers Entities that acquire gas supply for re-sale to end users and other 3rd parties – incl. LDCs
Utility Marketing Affiliates Affiliates of utilities that acquire gas supply for re-sale to end users and other 3rd parties – incl. LDCs
Retailers Entities that sell gas (commodity only) to end users on deregulated LDCs systems
Energy Management Entities that provide services (for free) to LDCs & End Users re: gas purchasing; optimization, etc.
LDC Buying Consortium Entities that represent LDCs who have outsourced their purchasing fuction on a full-time, exclusive, dedicated basis
Utility Purchasing Agent Entities who periodically act as an agent for LDC purchasing; not exclusive; not permanent
Analysts Entities that provide analytical consulting services (for free)
Consultants (Economic) Entities that provide services (for a fee) to LDCs & End Users re: gas purchasing; optimization, etc
Government Regulators; government entities
Suppliers Suppliers to the oil & gas industry – e.g. engineering, construction, materials, services
All Others All other entities that do not fit into the above criteria

The US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit the number of Gas Buyers per company attending at no charge or other discounted rates, and to deny no-charge or discounted registration to anyone not meeting the above criteria.

Have questions about your elgibility? Contact Christy Coleman at christyc@tradefairgroup.com

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